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May 22, 2016 - Save the date!  I will be hanging with the host of CoffeeTalk Jazz Network, Ms. Bridgette Lewis a.k.a The Coffee Lady.  Join us in the "Reading Room" Sunday, May 22nd  6-7 P.M. EST Log on to listen "LIVE" at






May 22, 2016- I will be meeting with the lovie ladies of Diva Book Club via telephone to discuss my book, Teardrops Know My Name.  I'm looking forward to conversing with the lovely ladies of the Diva Book Club.



February 13, 2016 - I was invited to meet with a book club, Nubian Knowledge in Port Washington, MD to discuss my book, Mirrored.  I had a blast with these lovely ladies who have been together discussing books for 17 years.


November 18, 2015 - I have been invited to meet with a book club at the Department of Labor in Washington, DC to discuss my latest book, Teardrops Know My Name.  I will be signing copies of both my books, Teardrops Know My Name and Mirrored.  I am looking forward to spending time conversing with this group of wonderful ladies.


March 27, 2015 - Today is the release of my new book, Teardrops Know My Name, and I’m touring and making stops at a couple of spots.  I’ll be giving away an Amazon Gift card to one lucky winner while stopping here:




I’m being featured and interviewed today on the blog of my friend and fellow author Michele Kimbrough.  Come stop by and join us.  Check out some of her books while you’re there:





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